India Untouchables

Ashish PictureIndia ChildrenOur church has had the privilege since 2003 to be involved in an uplifting ministry giving hope to children mired in a society where their birth determines their destiny.  The caste system of India produces the brutal result of stripping hope from those born into the world of the "Untouchables".  Into this world of darkness God called a man, Ashish Massey, to provide an orphanage/school which reverses this economic death sentence as these children are given an education and learn of a God who dearly loves each one of them.  Several of the families in our church have made mission trips to the wonderful school established by Ashish in Dehradun, India and many of us are faithful supporters of providing the tuition so that some of these "Untouchables" can be given hope. 
  Following is a description of God's call to Ashish for this ministry:  

 "In 2001, I was in a small town in Punjab preaching in an outcaste colony. Our small tent was pitched next to a garbage dump and an open sewer. Our meetings went way past midnight. When we started praying for the people, I was surprised to be surrounded by so many kids. A mother with a helpless look in her eyes wanted me to pray for her children. Untouchable FamilyIt was one of those moments I will never forget for the rest of my life. It was a moment when I experienced pain, someone else's pain, as if it were my own. My heart went out to them. 
    I saw these children suffering from malnutrition, hunger, and various diseases. They were poor, very poor. It was not just poverty; it was a system called Caste in India, which had robbed them of opportunities to succeed for centuries. This was reality of life for them. 
     I was very disturbed as I returned to my small motel room that night. I kept seeing their sad faces over and over again in my mind. How could I put a smile on their faces? What could I do to bring joy into their lives? How long will they continue to suffer? Wendy with Untouchable Family
     I wanted to give new shoes and socks to them, a haircut, new clothes, healthy food, and medical care. They needed a school and a place to grow up. So I prayed and believed God for all of these dreams to come to pass. God heard my prayers." 
Ashish Massey
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