Safe Families



 Crossroads Church working with Safe Families

 Safe Families connects families with critical needs to people who can fulfill those needs. It’s an opportunity for people to share their resources and develop relationships that will lead to better lives.

 The members of Crossroads are working closely with Safe Families. We have Host Families and Coaches, who take in children that are in need of a home while Mothers are trying to find work, having a hard time making ends meet, experiencing difficulties in caring for their children, involved in abusive situations, etc.

 Other members of the church are helping by being contacted by email when there is a need that arises of a family that needs physical assistance. It can be a service, such as a ride to Dr.’s appts, a lawn needs mowing, repairs they can’t afford. Clothes needed for children, meals for a family that has a mother bedridden or hospitalized. We are there to help in our community for those in need anyway that we can. To be involved contact